Watch out Wednesdays with Miss Kmilan

Hey guys I’m bella and I’m new at blogging lol but I will be blogging about children fashion as well as adults. Introducing my lil miss Kmilan😍 today she’s wearing her H&M zebra shirt wit a pink bow 😍 her grey with pink leopard leggings , target leg Warmers in grey , H&M pink cardigan and her black Amy & Coe combat boots😍 in her hair she’s wearing her Gap baby pink panda headband. I accessorized her OOTD with an H & M bronze double💗 chain , Jcrew beaded 💗 bracelet , her ice cream earring from Area kids , and bead bracelets from children place, finally we topped it off with her H & M scarf for the fall weather☺️😍 IMG_8350.JPG




Have an awesome sauce day 😍 comments are always welcomed ☺️


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