It’s been long Hello Spring 

Hey Dolls Sorry I’ve Ben away for a while but I’m backkkkkk lol and the weather is Awesomesauce anywho here’s sum toddler Fashion for you  

This Was Easter Sunday Lil Miss Ky’rin Milan had on Demin and Beige #babyGap from Head To Toes #gapfactory  here Hair clips are the bunny ears  & Jacketare  from the #gapstore her Scarf is #oldnavy  and so are her Shades


Here is all of Us  on Easter Sunday at Church  and we did a Color scheme sea blue and white on Lil miss KM she’s wearing #marmellata from JCpenny  her hair clips are also from #JCpenny as well as her shoes, her cardigan is from #babygap and stockings is from #target and I added her #freshwaterpearls #Amazon on Keilani is also a dress from #Jcpenny as well as her headband and cardigan and stockings her #shoes is from #gapkidsfactory and I added on her pearls from #Crewcutskids  , on twin girl Kayla she’s wearing a Lace dress from #H&M ladies sale section her stockings are from #Express also lace and her shoes are from DSW #ninewest and she also has in pearls From #Crewcutskids , and on her twin Kyle he has on a button up from #Joefresh Men section white Light Corduroys  pants bow tie from #americanapperal and #Benshermanloafers #nordstromracks and finally on Myself is #Zara head to toe with a #Jcrew statement necklace and Earing and #Boom we Looked #Fashionforward


Ps Hope

You guys enjoyed and I missed you all so come back soon 😘😘😘😘😘


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